October 1994

We started the production of sticks.The production capacity is raised , reaching of 12 tons/24 hours
Former name of the company SC MADRE PANCOM Ltd. since 1994 to 2002
During this period the Croco sticks became the indisputable leader of the Romanian market.

February 1999

Become operational a production line for sugar and gluten cbiuscuits with a total capacity of 14-19 tons/24 hours (depending on the product).
This capacity allowed us to introduce on the Romanian market products as: Croco Picnic, Croco Petit Beurre, Croco Cream Biscuits and Croco Petit Cream.

January 2002

A production line becomes operational , with a total capacity of 24-31 tons/24 hours (depending on the product). At that moment Croco introduced and promoted on the Romanian market such products as: Croco Brezel, Croco Maxi Brezel, Croco Crackers, Croco Mini Sticks and Croco Mini Petit Beurre
At that date , the new kind of products was barely represented on Romanian Market.In a short time , Croco Managed to impose itself as leader , becoming soon the biggest national producer for Brezel and Crackerse

February 2004

It was finished the assembling work of a third crackers production line with a total capacity of 24-31 tons/24 hours (depending on the product) which is similar to the previous line producing mainly various kind of Brezel and Crackers and new kind of the type Maxi Brezel and Mini Sticks.
This line will bear the entire necessary production for the up-growing export requests.


It runs an investment of 5 million with completion in October 2011 in new packaging lines, a new line of stiks and silos for flour.


During the years 2014-2015 carries an investment of EUR 6 million in production lines and packing, warehouse.

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